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    Summer Equals Fun, Weight Gain & Cravings… Time to Shed the Pounds & Restart the Metabolism

    It’s official…. Summer has happened. Memories made, time spent, food eaten and alcohol consumed. Summer for my family is about boating, sunshine and having fun-big emphasis on FUN. Between good times, good eats and good drinks I am definitely not my healthy self and if we’re being honest I may be, okay I am, a […] Read more…

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    6 Ways to Drink More Water

    W Everyday I strive to be as healthy as possible (key word strive lol). I attempt to eat the right things, go to the gym and get enough sleep but let’s be real-I’m human and when I’m doing really well at one facet of life the others sometimes fall. Lately what has fallen is properly […] Read more…

Health & Wellness

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    {Travel Tales} Our New BFF Ellen and a Weekenders Guide to LA

    Hi. It’s me again. You know the one that really wants to blog about super cool and interesting things but spends her life either working or chasing a toddler around?! Yea, that me. But I did manage to do some really cool things this month (mostly in part to an amazing husband that doesn’t mind […] Read more…

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    5 Ways I am Totally Rocking Fall

    MY HOUSE IS DECORATED FOR HALLOWEEN I love decor that is versatile and when I can, I am a total DIY girl at heart. #diyordietrying This year I went for total pumpkin overload. Pumpkins on the table, on the mantel, on the bookcase. We painted pumpkins, will carve them, and left them alone in all […] Read more…

Recipes & Clean Eating

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    Grocery Shopping For Two

    I never really used to think about what I bought or how I grocery shopped.  It was like second nature.  Growing up, I had made the trek to the store a million and five times with my mom.  It’s not that hard. You know what you like, pick stuff out, put it in your cart, […] Read more…

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    Monday Blues

    Every have one of those Mondays? You know the type.  It takes every ounce of gumption you have just to get our of bed.  You arrive to work, everything that can blow up; does.  Totally the stuff that sitcoms are made of…well maybe more like dark comedy.  You stay late to band-aid as much as […] Read more…

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