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    Summer Equals Fun, Weight Gain & Cravings… Time to Shed the Pounds & Restart the Metabolism

    It’s official…. Summer has happened. Memories made, time spent, food eaten and alcohol consumed. Summer for my family is about boating, sunshine and having fun-big emphasis on FUN. Between good times, good eats and good drinks I am definitely not my healthy self and if we’re being honest I may be, okay I am, a […] Read more…

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    6 Ways to Drink More Water

    W Everyday I strive to be as healthy as possible (key word strive lol). I attempt to eat the right things, go to the gym and get enough sleep but let’s be real-I’m human and when I’m doing really well at one facet of life the others sometimes fall. Lately what has fallen is properly […] Read more…

Health & Wellness

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    Happy Friday

    Welcome to mid-October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. We’ll spend the weekend picking out pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween. A little inspiration for pumpkin carving to get you started. {via} Keep your decor bright and natural this fall with some gorgeous seasonal Flower Arrangements. We love this idea for a quick […] Read more…

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    Cinderella: A Woman For The Modern Day (Who Knew?)

    I grew up loving my Disney Princesses…and still do.  Yes, there are countless articles out there showing how Disney teaches girls they NEED a man plus a million other archaic women’s stereotypes, a little bigotry, and some sexual innuendo.  There are ALWAYS going to be people out there who choose to see the negative in […] Read more…

Recipes & Clean Eating

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    Simple Substitutions

    So I had started a whole other piece…well if I’m being honest, several other pieces.  I had been struggling.  The work was decent enough.  Just not heading in a direction I was not in the mood to tackle.  Inspired by Katie’s Life Hack piece yesterday, I thought I would share  some of my simple substitutions. […] Read more…

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    Wrapping Up Breakfast

    Life is busy, we can all agree to that. But weekday mornings seem to take the cake when it comes to chaos. We do a lot of prep the night before like pick out clothes, pack bags, and make lunches; there always seems to be a checklist of to-dos and breakfast is often a hard […] Read more…

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