Fitness & Weightloss

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    6 Ways to Drink More Water

    W Everyday I strive to be as healthy as possible (key word strive lol). I attempt to eat the right things, go to the gym and get enough sleep but let’s be real-I’m human and when I’m doing really well at one facet of life the others sometimes fall. Lately what has fallen is properly […] Read more…

  • flatter stomach, brace your core, abs, core connection

    5 Seconds to a Flatter Stomach: An Industry Secret Told by a Fitness Instructor

    One of the top questions I get at the gym is ‘how do I get a flatter stomach?’ While diet is a huge part of the equation so is properly targeting the stomach muscles. I’ve spent countless hours crunching and planking looking for maximum results and always falling short. What gives? It wasn’t until this year […] Read more…

Health & Wellness

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    Hearing the Noise in Silence

    si·lence/ˈsīləns/ Noun: A complete absence of sound     1.1         The fact or state of abstaining from speech     1.2         The avoidance of mentioning or discussing something     1.3          The absence or omission of mention, comment or expressed concern Verb: Cause to become silent; prohibit or prevent from speaking I beg to differ. The complete absence […] Read more…

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    I Am My Own Worst Enemy

    Ever find yourself thinking about what you are not vs what you are? Constantly focusing on your shortcomings not what makes you unique? What you did not do in a day vs what you did? Looking in the mirror only seeing what you hate rather than what is beautiful? Beating yourself up over how you could have […] Read more…

Recipes & Clean Eating

  • -Cheaper than therapy- - Summer QUinoa white

    Cheaper than Therapy Quinoa Salad

    I recently saw a great print on Etsy recently, “gardening is cheaper than therapy; and you get tomatoes”. I just love that. Do you have a garden, I really hope you do, it is a wonderful way to feed yourself. Mentally and physically. I am quite proud of my little garden. Especially now in the […] Read more…

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    What’s For Dinner?

    What’s for dinner? A seemingly reasonable question.  In my house, most nights it goes over okay.  Lean protein always goes over well.  (Men like meat…she thinks to herself in a caveman voice.) If I go with a starch, the husband is mostly happy. Transitioning from jasmine rice to brown rice and/or quinoa has been a […] Read more…

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